Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Two Fridays, One Model

Amanda- 11x14 oil
The group I paint with on Fridays generally has the same model and pose for three consecutive weeks. I usually just go one time per three-week session since I try to finish up a piece within one three hour time frame. For this piece, however, I went back a second time to finish up what I started the first week. I was semi-pleased with the work I had completed from the first week's session but toward the end of the second session, I decided that I had ruined it. The piece lost a bit of its freshness and spontaneity, but I think I learned a great deal by going back and reworking, so it was not a lost venture. I wish I had photographed it in its initial stage- seeing it next to the final piece would have helped me learn even more. These alla prima studies are simply for my own learning and benefit; if I end up with something worth framing at the end, it's great, but the opportunity to paint from life, as well as the support from the other artists in the group is more than enough incentive to keep me going back.

I usually tape a piece of linen canvas to a board to work on for Friday life sessions- it saves me the time of stretching a canvas and is easier to put into storage. I can always choose to stretch a piece later if I decide a piece is good enough to put on a wall!

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